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Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics in New Zealand Schools

Critical Race Theory in Schools: More evidence

Published: July 28, 2021

It doesn’t matter which country, a pattern is emerging. Critical race theory starts appearing in schools alongside denials whereby critical race theory is given a different name and a gloss over. Meanwhile, most parents would be horrified at what is being taught.

Deception. That is the name of the game when introducing extremist ideology into schools. Yet more evidence is appearing that critical race theory is being taught in New Zealand schools and that the government sits firmly behind the initiatives. As is now becoming a pattern, critical race theory is appearing under another name, which in this case is described as making ‘cultural capability’ a priority in teacher training. The reality of critical race theory is that it teaches that white people have something akin to original sin for their whiteness, that they are inherently racist, responsible for most of the sins of the world, and that their very existence leads to oppression of all non-white people. It is an ideology that has its core the notion of race essentialism, and that is the very core of racist ideology. It is a view that everyone must be viewed through a racial lens.

As for critical race theory and Maori in New Zealand, the really odd part is that the advocates for critical race theory make claims that they are all about respect for Maori culture, whilst indoctrinating Maori people with a variant of a Marxist ideology which is an ideology originating in Europe. Furthermore, the variant of Marxism that is being introduced into New Zealand has nothing to do with New Zealand but is a variant that has been adapted to the US context. It comes straight out of US universities. In other words, those who are advocating on behalf of Maori culture are simply advocating for / activists for a particularly ugly Western ideology. It is disappointing that any Maori are buying the propaganda and for those who are, they might ask themselves how it is that one of the most toxic ideologies ever to originate in Europe, and adapted to the US, is going to actually really help them. It is a very basic question, and even a little thought given to an answer should be enough to raise some very significant doubts.

Returning to the issue of critical race theory in schools, in a recent article from John Gerritson, appearing on RNZ and Newshub, people are saying out loud what has previously been buried in jargon and evasions. I have previously written about the vile methods used to bully and indoctrinate people into critical race theory, and it is apparent that this is taking place right now, and it has been happening for a long while in some schools:

Hastings Girls High School has been tackling systemic racism over the past four years and the school’s principal, Catherine Bentley, said the work could be “absolutely confronting”.

“People talk a lot about unconscious bias and things like that, but that can only happen once and then it’s a conscious decision.”

And later:

“We’re starting to recognise that there’s been an imbalance of power, that white privilege is prevalent and current, that the racism inequity I’m speaking about [exists] for Māori so then we consciously do something about it.”

In line with my description of the nasty methods of bullying and humiliating that are used in critical race theory indoctrination, Bentley describes “the work” as “absolutely confronting”. If you are a parent, please read my previous discussion on how critical race theory is taught/indoctrinated, as you will be shocked at what your children are about to experience. And believe me, you will want to put a stop to this. According to Gerritson’s article, 300 more schools have applied for funding for training in ‘cultural capability’ and this signals a major ramp-up of efforts to racialise schools with indoctrination programmes.

As more documentation appears, it becomes increasingly apparent that the Labour government’s evasions over the last few months are falling apart. The Te Hurihanganui section of the Ministry of education website makes it 100% clear that critical race theory in schools is official policy. Take this example from a document called Change Story under the title ‘Te Po’:

There is latent potential for equity and some unease about the status quo. This initial stage will focus on supporting positional, change and thought leaders.

[and later]

Communities will seek to understand their contexts through critical theory and multiple perspectives and will amplify marginalised voices.

(emphasis in original)

Here we can see a direct reference to ‘critical theory’ which is, of course, critical race theory. In later sections, we can see strong indications that the intent is to implement exactly the kind of bullying and humiliation methods that I warned about in earlier posts. This is from a section called Te Ao Mārama:

Te Ao Mārama brought a new status quo of light and change. Life in Te Ao Mārama brought new challenges, including the pain that the separation brought Ranginui and Papatūānuku and the ongoing implications of this pain on their children and each other.

Initial change from testing becomes normalised as people become critical, unlearning harmful behaviours and learning transformative ones.

From a common goal grows collective endeavour through collaborative relationships.

Normalised practice supports scale and spread. Structural change reinforces culture and behaviour shift.

This practice enables challenge and interrogation which leads to transformation.

(emphasis in original)

Note the last sentence discussing ‘challenge and interrogation’ as it should read humiliation and bullying. Note also the flowery language that is designed to hide the ugly agenda that really sits underneath the document. And again, for any Maori people who are endorsing this ugly Western ideology, peppering the text with Maori words and concepts does not make the underlying ideology any less of what it is; an ugly new variant of a Western-derived ideological system. Again, with a little reflection and questioning, it should be apparent that this is just a means to recruit people as activists for the ideology. If there is any doubt about this, please read my essay on how Marxism adapted into Wokeism.

What cannot be captured in the quotes given above is that the documents viewed as a whole have a built-in assumption that racism is endemic in New Zealand. This is the default assumption of critical race theory, that all white people are irredeemably racist. This is the justification for the bullying and humiliating methods that are used in the indoctrination process.

I cannot emphasise enough that the government has instigated a major initiative that will see indoctrination programmes spread through the New Zealand education system. In practice, this will involve bullying and humiliation of children, with teachers leading this process. You may wish to think about that last statement. Teachers will be involved in systematic bullying and humiliation of the children placed in their care, and for some readers, your children. On top of this, there is also the fundamental problem that taxpayer money should not be used for indoctrinating children into an ideology, and particularly not for an extremist and racist ideology. This is all very, very sinister.

If you are a parent, you really need to find out what is going on in your local schools. The United States, as with so much of this racist ideology has led the way in the introduction of critical race theory in schools, but also in a robust and widespread movement to kick critical race theory out of schools. Perhaps parents in New Zealand can take inspiration from the example in the US?




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