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Are we witnessing the end of the West?

I am very worried about New Zealand. And the West.

Published: July 30, 2021

For a long while, I have reassured myself that there can be a turnaround as madness has gripped New Zealand and the West overall. I am starting to have my doubts. We may be witnessing the fall of the West, but I hope I am wrong.

One of my reassurances to myself was that, even if New Zealand was falling into lunacy, we were at least behind the US. I am not sure even that is true. I was prompted to write today by a friend’s comment in an email. He was looking through the news and saw an endless torrent of madness; not just here in New Zealand but everywhere. This is what he said: “It makes me want to find an island somewhere and live in isolation away from the madness.” If you are paying enough attention to the news, you might feel the same way. I am fast reaching that point.

In the US, they are, indeed, falling into madness. The idea of open borders has been used fairly loosely over the last couple of years, often meaning lax procedures at the border. However, it does now seem that there is a covert policy of open borders in the US whereby “illegal” immigrants are being allowed through with no interference before being allowed to spread out within the country. They are, it seems, only nominally illegal. Like New Zealand, they are seeing critical race theory being introduced in schools and government, and even the army. Of course, as with everywhere, the Universities are under the full sway of Wokeism, particularly the elite institutions. And the majority of the media; fully woke. At least in the US, the public is fighting back on the indoctrination in schools. There can be little doubt at this stage that, instead of a moderate centrist administration, the Biden administration is fully woke. Then there is the pitiful sight of Biden himself, who often falls into confusion and rambling, with the problems of cognitive decline ever more apparent. The US is a mess and getting worse.

And we are in an even worse position here. The torrent of illiberalism coming from the Labour government is a sight to behold. As I have been detailing, there is no question now that this government is using the public education system to indoctrinate the nation’s children into the ideology of Wokeism. The same process is taking place in government ministries and departments. The universities have, of course, long been churning out indoctrinated students. As if this is not enough, the He Puapua report, originally hidden from scrutiny, reveals an agenda to turn New Zealand into an ethno-nationalist state. As for the new hate speech laws, the Labour objective is to create a law so opaque that people will self-censor rather than face the risk of the draconian consequences of falling foul of the law. The aim of all of this activity is to profoundly and permanently change the fundamental nature of New Zealand. It is a (so far) bloodless revolution taking place by stealth and deceit. Most people do not even realise what is going on in their own children’s school.

And, unlike the United States, there seems little power to resist the revolution. Most notably, the media is largely on board with the revolution, albeit I suspect that most of those in the media do not even begin to understand what they are supporting. For sure, they still allow token dissenting voices, but that is all it is; tokenism for the sake of appearances. The recent refusal of Stuff to publish a rebuttal by David Seymour, the leader of ACT, to John Tamihere’s opinion piece which implied Seymour was racist captures the reality of the media. The editors did not like the tone of Seymour’s piece, as Seymour pointed out that Tamihere’s piece was fundamentally dishonest. And then there is the money; the Labour government is busily pouring money into media and organisations that are supporting their agenda. This is not how democracy works, with governments funding positive media coverage. Like so many institutions, New Zealand on Air quietly funnels money to further woke ideological objectives and those so funded even defend the organisation:

As for the political parties, moderates in Labour, if they exist, are silent and cowed by the radical Wokeists. National lack the courage and will for a sustained fight, and appears to be filled with time-servers who don’t want to rock the boat or upset the press. Judith Collins might fight back, but it is hard to do with so many waiting in the wings to stab her in the back. ACT has been steadfast, but is still a small party and can only do so much.

The Universities, in the meantime, seem to be becoming more and more woke. In the most recent incident, an Auckland University Professor was forced to resign for questioning whether Maori knowledge was scientific. Although academics are tasked with being critics and the conscience of society, it seems this is only true if it fits a particular agenda.

The thing that many people are failing to recognise is that the agenda of Wokeism being introduced by Labour is going to be ever harder to roll back, even assuming National / ACT are able to win at the next election. More and more kids will be indoctrinated at every point in the education system. The civil service will, by the time of any change, have been transformed. There were indications that the civil service was already disproportionately Woke, and the introduction of critical race theory will embolden and empower the Woke to use their ‘terrorist’ tactics1 to silence any remaining dissent. The most Woke will rise to the top. And there will be hell to pay for anyone trying to dislodge Wokeism once it is dominant. The media is also already Woke enough. The funding of media will just act to further entrench already existing positions and serve to gradually silence any voice too critical of the government. As for the Universities, they are already so far gone, it is hard to imagine that it is possible to change them. And they will get worse as there is nobody that has the power and will to do anything about them.

This revolution is taking place while much of New Zealand is asleep. It is not surprising, as you have to be a politics nerd to see what is taking place, and you also need to have been watching what is taking place elsewhere to make sense of it all. What is taking place was not in a manifesto, and much of what is taking place is being undertaken even whilst the Labour government either deflect or outright lie about what is taking place. And the end goal is the dominance of an evil ideology that will only serve to tear New Zealand apart. And it is all happening now, in real-time, in front of our eyes.

And it is not just here. I have discussed the US, but it is also taking place in countries like Australia and the UK, despite the fact that they have supposedly conservative governments. With some limited exceptions, the majority of the conservative politicians are keeping their heads down whilst institution after institution falls into the hands of the Woke. Even as they appear to win political power, it becomes apparent that they either have no will or courage to use the power or, even worse, their power is illusory in the face of an increasingly Woke elite. The same can be said of the majority of Republicans in the US, who seem to be willing only to act as a moderate brake to the Wokeism agenda.

I will end this very gloomy discussion with a request of you, the reader. Take a look around you, think about how your day was today. I am sure it has its ups and downs. However, think how wonderful the world around you remains. You are still free, you still live in a country governed by the rule of law, you are one of the wealthiest and healthiest people in the entirety of human history. You live in a liberal democracy. You live in a capitalist system whereby wealth has been created in a way that is entirely unprecedented in human history. Look around your immediate surroundings and think where it all came from, the network of businesses that do so much to help you live such a comfortable life. Think of the truly amazing world you live in. And then think about what it took to create that world and the values that were responsible for creating that world.

Only when you have done that can you realise what is at stake. Liberalism is the only system that has ever achieved such a benign outcome.

And liberalism is what is under attack. We do not live in a geographic place called the West but live in a West that is instead a set of ideas, values and institutions. And it exactly those ideas, values and institutions which are under attack. If liberalism falls, then we will see the fall of the West. I don’t know about you, but when I look around me at the societies the West has created, I think the West is worth saving. And right now, it does need saving, or we will indeed see the fall of the West.

And this is to say nothing of the looming threat from China.

1 I refer here to using terror of being cancelled



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