A Return to Classical Liberalism


The site was established in 2021 in response to growing concerns for the future of Western liberal democracies and in particular the Anglophone countries. The concerns arise from threats that are both internal and external.

The most apparent internal threat has been the growth in power of the ‘Wokeism’ ideology. A growing and aggressive movement based on this ideology is challenging key foundations of liberalism such as free speech, equality and due process under the law, equality of opportunity and capitalism. It is a movement that is racist, divisive, and authoritarian. Most worryingly, it seems that our politicians and leaders are mostly unwilling to openly challenge ‘Wokeism’, and many might even be said to be cowering in the face of the challenge it presents.

Closely linked to ‘Wokeism’ is an extremist environmentalist ideology that is steadily undermining the competitive foundations of economies across the West. Again, politicians seem afraid to challenge the ideology and are failing to challenge or push back on ever more extreme policy demands. These policy demands will ensure that there will a steady decline in the competitive standing of the countries that adopt them.

On top of the economic challenges of environmentalism, new economic theories adopted by central banks and governments present very real risks. In particular, there now appears to be a belief that the solution to any economic headwind is for governments to borrow and spend newly printed money. The use of the policy in response to the economic fallout of the pandemic has only grown, as have the risks.

When seen together, these internal challenges represent a weakening of the economic foundations and values of the West. This comes at a time when there are serious external threats to the security of the West. The most important threat is the ever more powerful and ever more threatening Chinese state under the Chinese Communist Party. Any pretense of a ‘peaceful rise’ has now gone and history suggests that the risks of conflict are rising. At the same time, Russia has made a significant return to the ‘great game’ and sits as a wild card in world geopolitics. For example, will they deepen relations with China?

Altogether, these multiple challenges are going to test the Western liberal democratic systems. We need to face the threat from China and that is best achieved by holding to liberal democratic values. Therefore, it is time to robustly defend liberal democratic values and the purpose of this site is to be another voice in the defence of those values.


If you share these concerns, you are a potential contributor

You may be worried, and wonder whether you can have a voice. If so, then you are a potential contributor to The aim of the site is to bring together like minded people who adhere to classical liberal values. There are not enough people speaking out, and it is time more voices were heard.

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