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We are actively seeking new contributors, but you may ask whether you have the potential to contribute. Below, we have outlined why you may wish to contribute, and what we think will make someone a potential contributor. The aim of the site is that it will be representative of the centre of politics and that encompasses what have traditionally been the centre left and right. The centre has arguably moved left in recent years, so the core values given below are given to provide a sense of the traditional centre.

However, before thinking of contributing, a first question that may cross your mind is ‘why is the name of the site the name of a person?’ The answer is that, in a time when many are afraid to express their views, the aim is to be clear as to who is responsible for establishing the site. We need to stop hiding in the shadows and come out into the sunlight where we can be seen. All contributors will be expected to put their name on their work, and likewise come out into the sunlight.

Why Contribute?

The site is not a properly commercial site at present, albeit the aim is to gain some revenue. As such, contributing is about having your voice heard and playing a part in the promotion of classical liberal values. If the site were ever to have greater commercial potential (not the intent), then there would be consideration of financial compensation for ongoing contributions (not retrospective).

Core Values

The values given below are very broad brush but give an indication of some basic values that are derived from the tradition of classical liberalism. In case you were wondering, the logo portrays the great economist Adam Smith, an early liberal and the founder of modern economics.

The aim is that contributors may come from the many shades of the centre of the political spectrum, but all contributors should adhere to key tenets of classical liberalism.

  • Individual rights come above collective interests.
  • Individual rights include freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of conscience.
  • Democracy is the only legitimate foundation for choosing who governs us.
  • Law should be fair, use due process, and be applied equally to all.
  • Free and lawful capitalism provides the best economic system for generating broad based wealth and provides a key foundation for individual freedom.
  • People should be judged according to their behaviour, character, and capabilities, not based on immutable qualities such as race. The racist and divisive politics of ‘wokeism’ are antithetical to liberal values.
  • Government should primarily be interested in defending our rights, maintaining law and order, and providing defence for the country. There may be many shades of grey of what additionally falls under the proper remit of government.

Approach to Content

We live in times where it seems that quality in public discourse is often absent. Robust debate is positive, but abuse is not. Facts and truth still matter. Opinion should not hide as fact.

  • This is not a neutral news outlet, and it is expected that contributors will take a viewpoint.
  • Whilst viewpoints may not be neutral, contributors are expected to be fair in their approach to any subject. This means not distorting or otherwise misusing data or facts i.e. fair interpretation is acceptable, but wilful distortion is not.
  • When using data or facts, the source should be provided. Also, if citing or quoting, the source should be provided.
  • Attack the ideas, not the person. This may be difficult when being personally attacked, but any response to personal attack should aim to take the high ground as far as possible.
  • Any conflict of interest on any subject should be clearly declared if it might have bearing on the content provided.

Contributor Capabilities

The aim is that the site will build a reputation for quality content. Whilst not having the capabilities of a major media outlet, the aim is to provide a positive experience for users of the site.

  • The kinds of content that can be included are written, audio, video and even pictures.
  • It is also possible to contribute by providing graphic design skills, or other kinds of support to the site.
  • Regardless of media, there is an expectation of a reasonable level of quality.
  • Content should cover something likely to interest readers and fall within the subject scope of the site. Subjects of interest are the culture wars, politics, economics and geopolitics. For most topics, the content should be directed primarily at readers from New Zealand, UK, US, Australia and Canada.

To express an interest in becoming a contributor, please provide a brief summary of your background and the kind of content that you would like to contribute.

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