Covid-19: Covid, or coronavirus represents a global hysteria

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There can be few sources of statistics that are more reliable than the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS). Data from the ONS shows that UK age adjusted mortality rates for 2020, the year Covid struck, are the same as for 2008. The UK has been viewed as hard hit by Covid, but the same mortality rate as 2008 does not look alarming. The case of the UK suggests that the Covid pandemic is the first global hysteria.

Covid Hysteria: An End in Sight

Covid Hysteria: An End in Sight

There are the first shoots of new spring appearing, in which the hysteria surrounding Covid may be coming to an end. How long it will take is uncertain. However, we need to hold those responsible accountable. Of all places, the UK is likely to lead the retreat from...

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Our Government are Idiots. Really. Just idiots.

Our Government are Idiots. Really. Just idiots.

For the more libertarian minded, we always have a somewhat cynical view of governments. However, the Covid hysteria has shown that even that cynicism is really not enough. Governments are filled with some of the most useless and stupid people that we have. I was...

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Boris Johnson’s Party Scandal: What It Really Means

Boris Johnson’s Party Scandal: What It Really Means

As more revelations of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Covid lockdown parties have emerged, it seems that few, if any, want to think through what the disclosures really mean. Although the commentariat is correct to note the hypocrisy, they mostly refuse to discuss the...

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China Apologists and Ardern’s Foolish Gamble

China apologists are everywhere, and they dissemble and promote CCP propaganda. Adern is just one of many such apologists. The apologists need to get a grip on the reality of the CCP. There are many apologists for China, whether in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, or the USA (e.g. see McCann, 2019 for the case of Australia). In all cases, they never engage with the reality of China, but...

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