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What are the culture wars? They are about the evil Marxist derived ideology of Wokeism, otherwise known by names such as identity politics or intersectionality. The Wokeism movement encompasses ideas such as critical race theory and radical gender politics and the culture wars are about resisting Wokeism.

Greg Billington: Naive and Woke

Greg Billington: Naive and Woke

Greg Billington is typical of the deluded middle-class semi-invested Wokesters, who think that the Wokeism ideology is all cotton candy and rainbows. It is not. I will kick off with a quote, which comes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Soviet Gulag prisoner, and Soviet...

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The Police Become Political

The Police Become Political

It seems that everywhere you look, there is a creeping trend for the police to become more and more political. And this accompanies increasing authoritarianism. New Zealand is no exception. We need the police, and the police do a tough job. In principle, we should...

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Where Critical Race Theory Leads

Where Critical Race Theory Leads

The government is encouraging the use of critical race theory in schools throughout New Zealand. It is ugly, racist, and divisive and, if you doubt that this is the case, you can see where it leads in the United States. As most of you will be aware, the United States...

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The CCP Celebrates 100 Years of Evil

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power under Mao, and he commenced his regime with a reign of terror. The CCP is a totalitarian and evil organisation, and now it is seeking to expand its power beyond its own borders. If anyone has any doubts that the CCP is thoroughly evil, it may be time for them to read a little of the history of the Chinese Communist Party. It could not be uglier. I...

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