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Central banks and governments increasingly think the solution to all economic problems is to print money (so-called qauntitative easing) and then borrow and spend that money. It is dangerous, and there will be a price to pay.

Inflation Climbing: It will get worse

Inflation Climbing: It will get worse

For regular readers, it will come as no surprise to see inflation rising. We are now in the middle of the most insane economic experiment, and it will more than likely end in tears. The question is; how bad will it be? Inflation in New Zealand is rising, but this is...

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Covid Hysteria: We Need to Get Angry

Covid Hysteria: We Need to Get Angry

Some time ago, it was apparent from UK data that the Covid crisis is a hysteria. Data from the United States tells the same story. The harms that have been done in the name of the hysteria are unforgivable and we should be furious. There should be outrage and anger...

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China Apologists and Ardern’s Foolish Gamble

China apologists are everywhere, and they dissemble and promote CCP propaganda. Adern is just one of many such apologists. The apologists need to get a grip on the reality of the CCP. There are many apologists for China, whether in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, or the USA (e.g. see McCann, 2019 for the case of Australia). In all cases, they never engage with the reality of China, but...

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