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As Wokeism becomes more powerful, we need to take greater interest in politics. Whether Labour or Democrat, the traditional parties of the ‘left’ are increasingly becoming Woke. Opposition is weak, and that applies to Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans and all those who should be resisting the rise of Wokeism. We need to hold our politicians to account.

Covid: Lockdowns in New Zealand

Covid: Lockdowns in New Zealand

As the lockdown in Auckland drags on, the big question on most people's minds is when will it end? The answer, of course, is when people wake up to the absolute insanity of what is being done to them. You may not remember, or rather the government hopes that you will...

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ACT on the Rise: New Polls

ACT on the Rise: New Polls

ACT polling is continuing in a positive direction. This reflects the assured performance of David Seymour, who seems to have an instinct for which issues he chooses to highlight. You may remember that there were howls of rage over David Seymour tweeting out a code for...

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Kamala Harris: The New US President?

Kamala Harris: The New US President?

As the Afghanistan debacle continues as a shambling corpse of a policy, it seems increasingly likely that, one way or another, Kamala Harris is going to be installed in the (relatively) near future as the new US President. As you know, the media are covering for...

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Criticism of Government: Our Absurd Journalists

Criticism of Government: Our Absurd Journalists

Jehan Casinader seems to be a prototypical example of a modern journalist. His latest opinion piece captures how low journalism has sunk. In a recent opinion piece in Stuff, we can really see how some journalists view criticism of the government. It also shows how the...

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The CCP Celebrates 100 Years of Evil

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power under Mao, and he commenced his regime with a reign of terror. The CCP is a totalitarian and evil organisation, and now it is seeking to expand its power beyond its own borders. If anyone has any doubts that the CCP is thoroughly evil, it may be time for them to read a little of the history of the Chinese Communist Party. It could not be uglier. I...

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